Microfilm Scanner

Why Microfilm?
Archival quality microfilm offers reassurance that the image on the film will be legible far into the future. No other media offers this level of confidence and re-assurance.

The main advantages of microfilm are:

  • It has a potential life of 500 years, way beyond any other comparable format.
  • Microfilm is robust, reliable, cost- effective and provides a solid foundation for scanning to other media.
  • Microfilm does not require sophisticated equipment for reading and access.
  • We are very confident that archival microfilm has a continued place as the mainstay of preservation media in the future.

MicrofilmingProduct DescriptionSpec. Sheet
2400DSV_E (4K)
Kodak 2400DSV-E Digital Microfilm Scanner
Screen Size - 12 in X 12 in
Scanning Speed - 4.5 Seconds @ 200 dpi
Daily Volume - 300 Scans per Day
3000DSV_E (2K)
Kodak 3000DSV-E Digital Microfilm Scanner
Screen Size - 12 in X 17 in
Scanning Speed - 4.5 Seconds @ 200 dpi
Daily Volume - 1000+ Scans per Day
Scan_Pro_2000 (28K)
Kodak Scanpro 2000 All-in-one Microfilm Scanner
Scan Type - scans microforms, Fiche, Roll Film, Micro Opaques, Micro Books, Ultra Fiche, and Aperture Cards.
Scanning Speed - 1 Seconds @ high resolution
Daily Volume - Aprox 3 Rolls per Day
Zeutschel_om1500_Microfiche_Scanner (10K)
Zeutschel OM 1500 Microfiche Scanner
Scan Type - Automatice Microfiche batchscanner
Scanning Speed - up to 200 Pages per minute
Advantages - highest quality, simple to use, and lowest costs per page
Zeutschel_om1600_Microfilm_Scanner (19K)
Zeutschel OM 1600 Microfim Scanner
Scan Type - Automatice Microfilm batchscanner
Scanning Speed - more than 350 frames per minute at 200 ppi – 700 images per minute with dual output
Advantages - World's fastest automatic digitizing of complete film archiveshig, hest quality, simple to use and no film re-scan necessary pdf_icon


Archive Writer

The long-term Preservation Solution for all digital Files.

You can save digital data to microfilm easily and quickly with the ArchiveWriter – for long-term archiving of especially valuable artwork and documents.

Archive WriterProduct DescriptionSpec. Sheet
i9600_Archive_Writer (2K)
Kodak i9610 Archive micro film Writer
Compression Factor 24:1 = 85ipm throughput with 7225 images per roll
Compression Factor 40:1 = 200ipm throughput with 17000 images per roll
Images Can preserved on 16mm Film
i9600_Archive_Writer (2K)
Kodak i9620 Archive micro film Writer
Compression Factor 24:1 = 170ipm throughput with 7225 images per roll
Compression Factor 40:1 = 400ipm throughput with 17000 images per roll
Images Can preserved on 16mm Film
Microbox_Polycom_Archive_writer (11K)
Microbox Polycom Archive micro film Writer
Data Formats: TIFF (G3, G4, tiled striped, packbits), HPGL, HPGL 2, CALS-G4, CalComp 906/907, RLC, HP-RTL, CCITT Group 4
Resolution: 12.000 dpi
Speed: up to128 A4 / Minute
Images Can preserved on 35mm Film
Zeutschel_OP500_Archive_Writer (4K)
Zeutschel OP500 archive micro film writer
Maximum 81 MegaPixel optical resolution
Film capacity up to 600 m
16/35 rollfilm, landscape and portrait
For all standard files (for example TIFF, JPEG, JP2, PDF)


Other Equipments

Kodak Microfilms offer unparalleled performance, handling, and digital-ready images. We supply everything in films from duplicating to source document.

Kodak Microfilm Storage is the convenient way to simplify roll microfilm storage and retrieval in your office. Just talk to the micrographics professionals who sell Kodak products.

With an Archive Processor from Kodak, you don't need a film specialist to get consistently high-quality results. We’ve incorporated the latest in digital monitors and controls, rapid-recovery, energy-saving stand-by cycles, and an environmentally friendly anti-siphon water supply to deliver precisely controlled film processing with minimal operator training or experience. From automatic threading to archival quality film (LE 500), Kodak brings easier table top processing to you.

ModelProduct DescriptionSpec. Sheet
Zeutschel_cl2_cl3 (14K)
Zeutschel OL2 / OL3 Reader
Universal Readers for all Kinds of Microforms
High image resolution, verv good illumination - also in screen edges - and equipped with a "quick change" lens slide device for one, two or three lenses
prostar_processor (1K)
Kodak Prostar Processor
Of course you want to protect the future of your important documents. You can do it, easily and without a big roomful of equipment, using the KODAK PROSTAR Archive Processor. All KODAK Silver-gelatin microfilms processed in the KODAK Archive Processor meet ANSI and ISO Standards specifications for a minimum Life Expectancy of 500 years (LE 500). pdf_icon
Microfilm_Storage (1K)
Kodak Microfilm Storage
The convenient way to organize your microfilm storage pdf_icon
16MM_Microfilm (2K)
Kodak Reference Archive Media 1433/3433
For permanence in your digital images, with high quality duplicates and crisp clean paper prints, you need KODAK Reference Archive Media. pdf_icon
d30_microfilm (1K)
Kodak Source Document Microfilms D30
Whether you're working with rotary and planetary equipment; fluorescent or xenon flash exposure; medium or high speed; we've got a silver halide Source Document Microfilm for you. pdf_icon